Renal access workup is an ultrasound of the vascular system in one or both of your arms.

Through a hand-held transducer and gel applied directly on your skin, ultrasound uses non-radiation sound wave technology to create an echo image of the organs and vessels in your body.

A renal access workup is performed to assess the size of your veins and blood flow in your arteries. This is usually done prior to the creation of a fistula for dialysis.

Renal Access Workup

Renal access workup requires no specific preparation but it is sensible to be well hydrated ahead of the procedure.

During renal access workup you will be asked to lie on your back.

The ultrasound transducer will be run over your arms. These will need to be exposed for the procedure.

Renal access workup usually takes about an hour.

A renal access workup is a non-invasive procedure so you can return immediately to your usual everyday activities.

Your renal access workup results will be reviewed and the report will be sent to your referring doctor. It is best to make an appointment with them to follow up on the results.

A vascular ultrasound is a type of ultrasound test that uses sound waves to create moving pictures of blood vessels. Is a safe, painless test with no radiation involved.

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