Vein mapping is a procedure using ultrasound to provide a detailed map of the veins in one or both of your legs.

Through a hand-held transducer and gel applied directly on your skin, ultrasound uses non-radiation sound wave technology to create an echo image of the organs and vessels in your body.

This procedure is often done to get a ‘map’ of your vascular system ahead of an operation such as a vein bypass graft.

general CT scan

A vein mapping ultrasound does not require any special preparation.

Although you may wish to wear a loose and comfortable two-piece outfit. Your legs will need to be exposed or the procedure.

During vein mapping you will be asked to lie on your back and/or front.

The ultrasound transducer will be pressed along your legs to gain an image of your veins. You will feel pressure but minimal discomfort.

You may have some of your veins marked out on your legs using a skin marker during the procedure. This will wash off later.

Vein mapping usually takes about 30 minutes.

Vein mapping is a non-invasive procedure so you can return immediately to your usual everyday activities.

Your vein mapping ultrasound results will be reviewed and the report will be sent to your referring doctor. It is best to make an appointment with them to follow up on the results.

Vein mapping is a technique to determine the location of veins in the human body, and is an important part of many medical procedures. The procedure uses high frequency sound waves transmitted to the veins through a hand-held transducer.

No, Vein mapping is a non-invasive painless procedure so you can return immediately to your usual everyday activities.

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