If you are experiencing heart related symptoms that your doctor wishes to understand by capturing what is happening when these symptoms occur, they may request you wear an event monitor for a period of time.

An event monitor is a small device you wear that tracks your heart rate and rhythm. You are in control of the device and can use it to record times when you experience symptoms, or an ‘event’.

event monitor

Ahead of the test you can eat and drink normally as well as take all of your usual medications. Please bring a list of your usual medications to your appointment.

As an event monitor will be assessing your heart, it will be best to wear a two-piece outfit to allow for easier access to fit the device.

You will be fitted with the event monitor, a small recording device worn around your neck or waist that will monitor your heart over time. The period of time device is to be worn will be determined by your referring doctor, but is usually 7 days.  

You will receive instructions on how to remove the device for showering and how to record and send event information from the device.

Fitting an event monitor takes about 20 minutes.

The period of time wearing the monitor will be determined by your referring doctor.

After the event monitor is fitted you can return immediately to your usual everyday activities and press record when you are experiencing an event.

Your event monitor results will be reviewed and the report will be sent to your referring doctor. It is best to make an appointment with them to follow up on the results.

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